Our Vision and Values

At Bishop Wilkinson Catholic Education Trust we recognise that each individual member of our community is created in God’s image with unique talents and abilities.

Our Vision

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We nurture each person through loving relationships and rich daily experiences centered on the teachings of Christ.

We believe that humanity is a gift that we receive through others and that our relationships unlock the unique potential in each person. As such, we affirm the dignity of each individual and our values ​​underpin everything we do across every school, with and for each student and member of staff.

Through Christ, in partnership and with service and witness at the core of all we do, our schools will be centers of excellence. We will educate the whole person so that everyone fulfills their academic potential, aspires highly and is optimistically ambitious. We will unlock ability and talents so that all can live fully and make a valued contribution to the world.

Our Values

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Develop spirituality

We believe that a knowledge of and a personal relationship with Christ brings meaning and direction to life.

Act with justice, respect and dignity

We believe that every member of our diverse community is created in God’s image and therefore we act with respect and show dignity, ensuring that all are treated with fairness, justice and equity. We work fervently to dispel inequality and pay special attention to those most in need.

Foster a sense of vocation

We believe that all members of our Trust should be supported to recognize their own purpose and to develop a sense of how they are called to contribute to society.

Promote educational excellence

We believe that each person should be equipped to excel through the highest quality learning opportunities and richest wider-school experiences.

Form high aspirations

We believe that every member of our Trust community should have the highest expectations of themselves and others and should be equipped with the knowledge and skills to achieve greatly.

Celebrate community

We believe that our schools promote truth, honesty, reconciliation, resilience and integrity in their own context, but together create strength, optimism and excellence across the Trust.

Support exceptional leadership

We believe that the best leadership in Catholic schools raises the work of the staff and the attainment of young people to levels that exceed expectations through relentless focus, effective management skills, profound empathy, sustained energy and robust optimism, underpinned by wide professional knowledge founded on innovative research.

St Nicholas Fund

Commercial Partners with Bishop Wilkinson Catholic Education Trust have kindly made a small financial fund available, which can be allocated throughout the year to pupils in urgent need of support.  

The St Nicholas Fund is available to promote the engagement and success of pupils and students in school activities when their personal circumstances may prevent them from being able to do so. 

Applications may be made for single payments for specific activities or resources for individual pupils, up to £200. If you would like to make a funding request for a pupil, please contact the head teacher of their school.

Examples of how the fund could be used include:

  • Uniform 
  • Art equipment 
  • Sports equipment or competition fees 
  • Dance equipment 
  • Bags and stationery 
  • Music equipment or exam fees 
  • Drama equipment 
  • School retreats 
  • Off-site visits 
  • School trips, including, for example, equipment hire 
  • Access to school during exceptional circumstances, for example, taxi service after significant injury 
  • Bereavement support 

(RAAC) Temporary Closure of Schools Notification for Families

Please click below to view an article regarding temporary school closures within our trust.

Temporary Closure of Schools Notification for Families – BWCET

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