Emmaus Network at the Bishop Wilkinson Catholic Education Trust

As part of our vision to support exceptional leadership, the first meeting of our Emmaus Network for BWCET primary school deputy head teachers took place earlier this term. The network has been established to support our deputy head teachers in their role, so that all our schools are centres of excellence. The meetings take place every half term and start with breakfast, then there is an opportunity for the group to pray together before sharing thoughts and ideas about school leadership. The first session was focused on sustaining the Catholic ethos of a school through recognising the school’s responsibility with regard to the dignity of human life, the common good, subsidiarity and solidarity

The impact of leadership, curriculum, governance, community support, prayer and liturgy, social acts and pastoral care were all discussed and lots of examples of excellent school practices were shared. Future sessions will focus on strategic direction, managing risk and managing staff, in line with our Trust vision and values, which can be seen here: Our Vision and Values – BWCET


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