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With over 40 member schools in the Bishop Wilkinson Catholic Education Trust, as you can imagine, there is plenty of exciting and inspiring news to keep you updated on.

Whether it’s a group of children from one of our schools helping out in the community or supporting a charity, a school sport team enjoying success or an individual winning an award, read all about what’s happening at our fabulous schools.


Latest news

Temporary Closure of Schools Notification for Families
You may have seen media coverage over the past few days regarding Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (RAAC) and it being …
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Bishop Wilkinson Catholic Education Trust school’s gathered to celebrate Lent
Pupils from schools within the Bishop Wilkinson Catholic Education Trust (BWCET) have enjoyed the opportunity to come …
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St John Boste presented with LiveSimply Award
St John Boste presented with LiveSimply Award We are delighted to announce that St John Boste Catholic Primary School has …
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Foodbank support & Portrait competition at the Bishop Wilkinson Catholic Education Trust
BWCET Essential Services Team Support Gateshead Foodbank The staff of BWCET essential services team continue to support our …
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Emmaus Network at the Bishop Wilkinson Catholic Education Trust
As part of our vision to support exceptional leadership, the first meeting of our Emmaus Network for BWCET primary school …
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Apprenticeship Week at the Bishop Wilkinson Catholic Education Trust
During apprenticeship week, February 7th-11th, we were delighted to welcome the apprentices working across our Trust into …
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Nick Hurn OBE
A recent article written by our CEO, Nick Hurn OBE, for the Northern Cross
At the Bishop Wilkinson Catholic Education Trust each individual’s unique talents are recognised and nurtured within a …
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Michelle Saunders
An expert’s view on inspiring youngsters in physics
Dr Michelle Saunders is the year 6 teacher and curriculum lead at St Matthew’s Catholic Primary School in Prudhoe, …
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FreeFlow Info
Bishop Wilkinson Catholic Education Trust embraces new technology to help parents have positive impact on their children’s schooling
BWCET has embraced new technology that aims to help schools better communicate with parents. The software enables parents to …
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Poetry Award
Durham A-level student wins Oxford University poetry prize
A Year 13 student from St Leonard’s Catholic School in Durham has won a prestigious poetry competition. Amy Beverley wrote …
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Catering team
Fuelling the minds of the next generation
Most of us enjoy a slap-up meal or even to sample fine dining once in a while, and while the pandemic has encouraged many to …
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In December 2019, the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle published its Diocesan Academy Plan which outlined plans for all Diocesan schools to become academies within one of four Diocesan Education Trusts by July 2022 (delayed for some schools to February 2023). Underpinning the Diocesan Academy Policy was the desire and need to ensure the promotion, preservation, protection and future development of Catholic education within the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle so that it is fit for the mission of the Church.

In establishing these trust structures and having a single system in the Diocese, the aim continues to be to ensure that the children and young people in our schools will continue to receive the very best educational opportunities and life fulfilling experiences, within communities which have the teachings of Christ and his Church at the very centre.

This Catholic Trust model, where every school has its place, is now well-established and means that no individual school is left isolated or vulnerable in a rapidly changing environment. It ensures that the uniqueness of each individual school is celebrated and the unique contribution of each is recognised and appreciated.

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