Bishop Wilkinson Catholic Education Trust school’s gathered to celebrate Lent

Pupils from schools within the Bishop Wilkinson Catholic Education Trust (BWCET) have enjoyed the opportunity to come together to take part in a Lenten service and pray the Stations of the Cross, a reflection on the final journey Jesus made and his crucifixion.

The Lenten service is a Catholic tradition, it focuses on repentance, grace and forgiveness. To be more relatable to the young people, the service was adapted to a contemporary context.

Sixty pupils aged 7 to 18 from 15 schools within the Trust gathered at BWCET HQ in Washington to take part in the celebration and bring to life the teaching of the Catholic faith.

As part of the celebration, the children retold the Stations of the Cross, a 14-step Catholic devotion that commemorates Jesus Christ’s last day on Earth as a man.

Barbara Reilly-O’Donnell, Director of Ethos at Bishop Wilkinson Catholic Education Trust, said: “It was the first opportunity for representatives from our schools to come together in this way and the service was live streamed to all schools in the Trust, providing a chance for thousands of pupils and staff to pray together.

“The opening of BWCET HQ has provided us with space to be able to share events like this and we hope there will be long-term opportunities for our pupils and teachers to come together.”

Paula McArthur, Head of School, St Peter’s Catholic Primary School, Low Fell, which is part of the Trust said: “It was so lovely to see children from across the schools gathering in prayer together. The children from St Peter’s were so chuffed to be there and couldn’t stop smiling. On a personal level, I thought it was so moving it brought a tear to my eye. We are looking forward to taking part in future trust events for the children.”

Maria Robinson, Head of School, St Alban’s Catholic Primary School, Gateshead described the gathering: “It was a wonderful prayer moment, so good to be part of and the children really had a brilliant time too. They thought it was quite the adventure.”


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